Peter Pennington, MS

Admissions Manager & Family Program Coordinator

Peter Pennington serves as the admissions supervisor at Mount Regis Center where he oversees the day to day functioning of the admissions department and assists in training, evaluating, and assisting the admissions team.  He also coordinates the processing of patient referrals including scheduling admission assessments, benefits verification, and communication with pending patients and their families.  Prior to joining Mount Regis Center in 2013, Mr. Pennington embarked on his own road to recovery, completing an 18-month inpatient, outpatient and aftercare program.  Peter found Mount Regis Center to be not only a safe-haven for sobriety but also an inspiration.  He earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in history from Roanoke College and obtained a Master of Science degree in clinical mental health counseling from Walden University.  He is member of Chi Sigma Iota academic honor society for counseling professionals and a member of the American Counseling Association.