Substance Abuse & Addiction Rehab Center in Salem, Virginia

Mount Regis Center in Salem, Virginia specializes in the treatment of addiction and co-morbid mental health disorders. We are a small addiction rehab center that is based on the 12-step model of recovery. When you walk through our doors you will immediately receive support and understanding from our fully trained staff. The first step in the recovery process will be to undergo a complete assessment so that we can determine your physical and psychological needs. If it is determined that you need to go through the detoxification process we provide the most humane methods of detox, to help rid the body of toxic substances. While medication may be used to help manage the side effects of withdrawal it is never used on a maintenance basis. We don’t want you leaving addicted to another substance. Once you have been completely detoxed you will begin our addiction rehab program.

Some of the different drug addictions we treat include:

Opioids: narcotic painkillers that can cause euphoric feelings and an overall sense of well-being for individuals who use these prescription drugs. These feelings are what make this class of drugs so addicting Common narcotics include OxyContin, codeine, Vicodin, hydrocodone, and Roxicodone.

Benzodiazepines: these drugs are most commonly used to treat the symptoms of anxiety disorders. However, when used for a prolonged period of time they run a high risk for the development of addiction. Common benzos include: Xanax, Valium, Klonopin, and Ativan.

Amphetamines and methamphetamines: these are illegal stimulants that create a rush of euphoric feelings and a burst of increased energy. The repeated use of these substances begin to change the structure and function of the brain which leads to negative consequences and addiction.

Alcohol: this legal substance can quickly become a serious problem as many social functions include drinking. Alcohol is commonly associated with having a good time or as a way to unwind after a stressful day. While this is perfectly legal when drinking crosses the line from a social indulgence to something that is needed on a daily basis it becomes an addiction problem. Alcoholics may find it increasingly harder to control how much they consume and may start to face adverse consequences.

Marijuana: this substance is one of the most widely abused drugs and is often considered a “gateway drug” as it is believed that it will lead to the abuse of more potent drugs. Marijuana addiction usually occurs as a secondary addiction, but it can still lead to damage on the body and brain.

Mount Regis uses a holistic approach to rehab so that we can be sure that all aspects that make you who you are get the attention they need. We take the time to get to know you personally so that we can provide individualized treatment plans for each patient. The staff at our addiction rehab center provides the highest quality of care that will help you beat your addiction. Our goal is to help you overcome your addiction and get back to living the fulfilling life you deserve.

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