Co-Occurring Mental Health & Addiction Rehab Center in Salem, Virginia

At Mount Regis in Salem, Virginia we know that rarely does an individual experience a single problem without related difficulties. These may be related to the symptoms or effects of your primary problems or other conditions or disorders that commonly co-occur with your primary problem. Co-occurring disorders are common in every problem or condition we treat at addiction rehab center and we are trained and prepared to address these additional difficulties. Sometimes an individual may not realize they have another condition that is exacerbating their primary problem or believe that symptoms they may be experiencing outside their primary problem are normal due to the length they’ve existed. At our rehab center, our focus on each individual as a complete person provides a framework for the way we evaluate and treat each man or woman who comes to us for help.

During your initial evaluation, the multifaceted nature of you current experiences and past history will be explored and we will work to help you put each aspect you present into a whole picture. Your unique ways of coping, viewing and acting within the world and relating with others will also be taken into account. We are aware that often, difficulties may not come to the surface for a period of time, and thus we feel it is critical to continue the evaluation process for the entire duration of your stay with us.

From our point of view, you are the best person to inform us as to what we need to do to help you in your recovery, what specific areas seem most in need of focusing on first while also addressing accompanying issues and what types of strategies seem most effective and the best match for who you are and what you are experiencing.

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