Salem, Virginia’s Best Intensive Outpatient Addiction Program

At Mount Regis we are committed to providing a continuity of care for individuals with substance use disorders and other co-occurring disorders. This means we have designed programs at differing intensity levels and levels of care to meet the specific needs of each individual who comes to us for help. With this in mind we have created both inpatient and outpatient options for individuals seeking treatment for substance abuse disorders.

Often, the difficult issues and symptoms that exist when someone suffers from a substance abuse problem along with additional co-occurring problems can create a sense of chaos in an individual’s life. Sometimes this means inpatient treatment may be appropriate.

For other men and women, who aren’t experiencing significant problems from co-occurring disorders, feel that their life is more under control, are able to tolerate the responsibilities in their life, an outpatient program may be a better fit for their needs. Our Intensive Outpatient Program was designed to help those who can remain sober and function well enough to live at home with programming on a part-time basis.

To determine if the IOP program is the best match for your treatment needs, our trained staff will conduct a complete evaluation, asking not only about your substance related history, symptoms and problems but also about areas relevant to you apart from your substance use. Our primary goal whether during assessment or treatment is to get to know you as a complete person. For any treatment option to be successful it not only must provide effective intervention but should also provide services in a manner that feels as comfortable as possible for the individual and fits with their personality style and way of viewing the world.

Once the Mount Regis staff have assessed the specifics of your situation and needs, we can then determine if you are a candidate for the Intensive Outpatient Treatment Program. To be considered for this program you must be clean and sober for 72 hours. In order to stay in the program, you must remain clean and sober. We will verify your sobriety with a Breathalyzer and random drug screens.

The IOP Program is primarily designed for those who have graduated from a higher level of care such as an inpatient program or partial hospitalization program. The individual needs to have reached a stage in recovery that allows them to deal with the normal stress of everyday life, and they must be able to cope with the emotions and issues raised during their time spent in treatment without there being a significant risk of relapse. Treatment in our IOP is geared to help you maintain what you’ve already accomplished in your fight against addiction and to continue your forward momentum, creating the impetus for continued progress toward full recovery while you continue to pursue a normal life, and fulfill your obligations.

Our IOP program is based on a small groups approach. It meets three nights a week for three to four hours per night. A typical program would run 24 sessions or 5 weeks although this time frame and can be adjusted depending on the specific needs of the individual. Two types of groups are utilized to help you continue your recovery. The first type of group is process oriented which allows you to work on issues common to individuals recovering from substance abuse among peers who understand and are going through many of the same things as you are and can provide feedback based on a first hand perspective. The second type of group held in our IOP is psycho-educational in nature. These groups either provide information on topics relevant to individuals recovering from substance abuse such as co-occurring disorders or how substances affect the brain or teach new skills such as coping, assertiveness or relaxation.

There is always someone to take your call at Mount Regis Center. If you have a substance abuse problem, call us to schedule a free evaluation to see if our IOP is the right program for you.

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