Mount Regis Staff

Mukesh Patel, M.D.

Medical Director

Mukesh P. Patel, M.D. is a psychiatrist and addictionologist. He has been serving as the medical director of Mount Regis Center since 1985. As the medical director, Dr. Patel is primarily responsible for overseeing the medical care of all inpatient and outpatient clients. He provides the facility with oversight of all detox tapers, conducts all patient histories and physical examinations, provides medical supervision, and is actively engaged in all programming decisions. Dr. Patel is a member of the American Psychiatric Association, Southern Medical Association, American Society of Addiction Medicine, and American Academy of Psychiatrists in Alcohol and Addictions, National Alliance for the Mentally Ill and the Roanoke Valley Academy of Medicine. He has been an active member of the Virginia Continuous Quality Improvement Committee since 1995.

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