Telehealth Programming

As part of the heightened preventive measures we have put in place in response to COVID-19, Mount Regis Center in Salem, Virginia, is now offering services via telephone and virtual communication platforms to ensure the safety of our patients, their family members, and our staff. 

What Is Telehealth?

Learn about the benefits of telehealth

Telehealth connects individuals with healthcare services via telephone, computers, mobile devices, and other forms of technology. Expanded access to care, ease of participation, enhanced safety and comfort, and increased flexibility are among the many benefits of telehealth services. 

The definition of telehealth can include a broad range of services. At Mount Regis Center, we currently provide two telehealth options: 

  • Telehealth assessments: This service can help you determine which type and level of care is right for you or your loved one. 
  • Telehealth visitation: This allows friends and family members to participate in virtual visitation sessions with loved ones who are receiving care in our inpatient and residential programs. 

All telehealth solutions at Mount Regis Center reflect our unwavering commitment to superior service. When you take part in care or connect with loved ones either in person or via our telehealth options, you can expect to have a quality experience within a safe and supportive environment. 

Telehealth Assessments

Telehealth assessment process at Mount Regis Center in Salem, VA

The assessment process is an important step on a person’s path to improved health at Mount Regis Center. Completing an assessment helps to ensure that you receive the type and level of care that’s right for you, provided in the manner that best addresses your unique preferences, strengths, and needs. 

Every person who receives care at Mount Regis Center completes an assessment prior to entering treatment. Now, our telehealth assessment option allows you to participate in this process from the comfort and safety of your own home. Telehealth assessments are also referred to as tele-assessments or virtual assessments.  

You can start the telehealth assessment process by calling us at your convenience. A member of the Mount Regis Center team will be available to speak with you 24 hours a day, seven days a week.  

Your telehealth assessment will consist of a conversation between you and a compassionate representative of our facility. During this process, we will ask you a series of questions related to why you’re seeking treatment. For example, we will ask you to describe the symptoms you’ve been experiencing and how these symptoms have impacted your life. You may also talk about your treatment history, your goals for treatment, and other relevant matters. 

During your tele-assessment, you will also be able to ask questions of your own. We want you to feel informed and empowered as you complete the telehealth assessment process. 

At the end of the conversation, the professional with whom you have been speaking will make a recommendation for the program that can best meet your needs. Our telehealth assessment service is provided free of charge, and you are under no obligation to enter treatment at Mount Regis Center or with any other provider that may be recommended to you. 

Telehealth Visitation

Telehealth visitation at Mount Regis Center in Salem, VA

When an adult receives care in our inpatient or residential program, we understand how important it can be to receive support from family members and close friends. In most cases, we encourage communication, including visitation, with selected loved ones throughout a person’s time with us. 

Now, our telehealth visitation option enables loved ones to see, hear, and speak to individuals who are in our inpatient or residential programs without having to travel to our facility. Telehealth visitation, or televisitation, connects individuals via online videoconferencing software. Friends or family members who are approved for visitation can log on through their desktop computer, laptop, mobile device, or smartphone.  

Telehealth visitation is one of the many ways that Mount Regis Center ensures that adults have the comprehensive support they need while they’re in treatment, so they’re best prepared to make sustained progress after they’ve returned home. 

Telehealth Programming: Virtual IOP

Telehealth option for the intensive outpatient program at Mount Regis Center in Salem, VA 

The virtual IOP is a telehealth option that allows adults to participate in our intensive outpatient program (IOP) through an online interface 

Adults who receive care through the virtual IOP at Mount Regis Center will use RingCentral, a HIPAA-compliant online videoconferencing system, to access services. Once a person has logged in to the system and a session has begun, they will be able to see, hear, and interact with other participants as well as the professional who is leading the session.  

A member of our team will be available to help all new clients set up their RingCentral account and make sure that they can use all the system’s features prior to their first virtual IOP session. 

Our virtual IOP is designed to serve people who meet the following criteria: 

  • Adults age 18 and older of all genders 
  • Have been struggling with a substance use disorder 
  • May have certain co-occurring mental health disorders 
  • Do not need a higher level of service 

Also, adults who wish to participate in our virtual IOP must have access to a computer, tablet, or other device that can connect to the internet and access RingCentral’s video and audio features.  

Programming in our virtual IOP includes three hours of care, three days per week. Group therapy is the main method of care in this program. Virtual IOP groups may address a wide range of recovery-related topics, including the disease model of addiction, identifying and avoiding triggers, managing stress, and resisting relapse. 

New clients will also have a one-on-one intake session with a therapist before they join their initial group. 


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