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At Mount Regis Center, we offer an intensive, evidence based approach to alcohol use disorder treatment. We offer a variety of therapeutic interventions that help our clients build a strong foundation for long-term recovery.

Learn More About Alcohol Addiction

Learn more about alcohol addiction treatment at Mount Regis Center in Salem, VA

Alcohol addiction is characterized as the continued use and abuse of alcohol despite the negative consequences that one is experiencing. Alcoholics consume amounts of alcohol that causes distress or harm to the individual or decreases inhibitions to the point that the individual is placing themselves or others in danger. Although some people who abuse alcohol do not become dependent, they often neglect their responsibilities at work, school or in other areas of their lives. Today there are a number of rehab options available to help people with alcohol addiction problems. The variety of options available suggests the acceptance of the fact that each person with alcohol problems has different needs and co-occurring difficulties.

At Mount Regis in Salem, Virginia we understand how difficult it can be to make the decision to seek treatment for your alcohol problems. Often people worry about the stigma involved and what others will think or how they will judge them. We are dedicated to offering you the support you need and the help you deserve to overcome your struggles to control your alcohol use. We have trained staff who specialize in treating addiction disorders including alcohol use disorders. They use a number of treatment approaches that have been empirically supported, which attests to their effectiveness.

Why Should I get Treatment?

Why should I get treatment for alcohol addiction?

At our addiciton rehab center we know how hard it is to fight an alcohol problem. When we enter college, alcohol is often a large part of many people’s college experience. Later a nice bottle of wine is a popular gift when invited to someone’s home for dinner and special occasions or social events of all kinds often include alcoholic beverages. However, when your focus turns to drinking instead of enjoying these social gatherings it could be the beginning of a serious drinking problem. Often times when someone develops a problem with alcohol it may mean there are numerous situations, occasions, invitations they have to avoid in order to even begin fighting this illness.  Explaining constant absences to others also often results in a period of social isolation.

Friends and family members who drink socially may seem judgmental when someone begins to abuse alcohol since they’ve never experienced such problems and don’t understand. At our addiction rehab center we understand how many influences in everyday life can contribute to the hesitancy to commit to treatment for this complex problem. That is why we created an Inpatient Program in addition to Outpatient Options specifically intended to help those with substance use disorders including alcohol abuse. While at our rehab center you will learn new coping strategies for dealing with life stress and relapse prevention techniques to help you maintain sobriety after discharge. Most importantly you will learn how to avoid those situations which would be stumbling blocks to your recovery while building the skills to allow you to restore relationships that existed prior to your treatment. We will even help you develop the skills to be able to attend occasions that include alcohol, using new found abilities to resist urges and cravings.

What Does Treatment Look Like?

What does alcohol addiction treatment look like at Mount Regis Center?

Our program at Mount Regis focuses on learning every individual’s strengths in addition to their treatment related needs. We are concerned about the different areas in a person’s life and how they are affected by their alcohol abuse as well as how they function to provide resiliency to help the person fight their problem. We believe you should not be defined by your addiction and understand that is only one aspect of the whole picture which represents who you are. At the same time we know how your substance related difficulties may seem to characterize your entire life. We will help you identify and utilize your unique strengths and talents as you work towards recovery. With the ability to view yourself in a more realistic way in terms or your strengths and your recovery needs, you’re participation in a 12 step program will provide additional resources and a support network to help you focus on your particular issues. We understand that giving up your addiction affects your life in a variety of ways and are dedicated to addressing your thoughts and feelings related to the changes you are working on making in all areas of your life.

Types of Therapy

Types of therapy used to treat alcohol use disorders at Mount Regis Center in Salem, VA

We know that in order to effectively treat alcohol use disorders multiple techniques and rehab options are necessary to address both the specifics of the substance related effects as well as the individual characteristics of the person. At addiction rehab center we capitalize on the skills of a well-trained, knowledgeable, and compassionate staff to evaluate you and work with you to create the most appropriate and beneficial treatment plan for your specific issues. Our program utilizes the 12-Step Model yet we employ a number of other therapeutic approaches as well. We rely on treatments that have support in terms of their efficacy. Specific approaches we use include:

Active and Medical Detox – for those who come to us still addicted and in danger of withdrawal symptoms.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – This approach focuses on learning how to reappraise inaccurate thoughts related to your alcohol use problems. We help you recognize these negative thought patterns then help you learn to challenge and replace them with thoughts which are more accurate. You will also learn how changing the way you think about situations results in positive changes in your emotions and behavioral responses.

Rational Emotive Therapy (REBT) – Similar to CBT this type of therapy focuses on hanging irrational beliefs related to your alcohol use while also teaching you to regulate extreme emotions and negative behavioral patterns or tolerate those emotions you can’t fully regulate.

Individual Therapy – While our treatment model predominantly utilizes a small group approach, we recognize that everyone has specific areas that are highly personal which they’d prefer not to discuss in a group.

Group Therapy – Group therapy helps individuals learn they are not alone in their struggles with alcohol and provides an atmosphere of mutual support in the recovery process. Some groups at our rehab center are process focused and help group members address a variety of issues, emotions and problem situations associated with their addiction. Our psycho-educational groups are information based to help participants gain a better understanding of their addiction and develop new skill they can use to cope with substance related difficulties.

Family Therapy – At our addiction rehab center we understand that individuals do not exist in a vacuum and that each person that comes to us for help has relatives and friends who are an important part of their lives. While your alcohol difficulties may have caused rifts in these relationships they can be restored with increased understanding of the nature of your problems. We help family members gain a clearer view of your experiences and difficulties, treatment, and post- discharge plan. This enables all family members to be mutually supportive of each other both during and after your treatment with us.

Experiential Options – At Mount Regis we also offer non-traditional therapeutic opportunities in which you can participate. These include:

  • Recreational programming
  • Spiritual therapy
  • Nutritional and wellness counseling
  • Art programming
  • Yoga

Rehab Aftercare

Continuing care, what comes next?

One of the most important parts of your treatment plan is the decision related to what additional services and resources you need after discharge to continue your progress on the road to recovery. At our rehab center we are firmly committed to providing continuity of care and have designed two outpatient programs for individuals who no longer need the level of care provided by an inpatient program.

Our Partial Hospitalization Program or (PHP) provides the same intensity of services as our inpatient program however, you sleep at home. For individuals who may not feel comfortable going home yet, several apartments are available for their use while in the program.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is intended for those individuals who are ready to resume their responsibilities at home and work or school. Services are provided three nights a week typically for five weeks although this time frame can be adjusted if deemed appropriate.

We also provide an Aftercare Program for alumni to take advantage of free of charge for three months after discharge. Depending on the individual’s needs individual and/or group therapy is provided to help them re-adjust to the regular lives and deal with issues and problem situations that may have arisen since they left our program.

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