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At Mount Regis Center, we offer an intensive, evidence based approach to amphetamine addiction. We offer a variety of therapeutic interventions that help our clients build a strong foundation for long-term recovery.

Learn More About Amphetamine Addiction

Learn more about amphetamine addiction treatment at Mount Regis Center in Salem, VA

Amphetamines have become widely prescribed in the US for the treatment of childhood and adult ADHD, and to a lesser extent obesity, narcolepsy, and treatment resistant depression.  When taken properly, these medications can have many positive effects. In addition to increased focus, concentration, attention and alertness, many people also experience feelings of euphoria, excitement, an overall sense of well-being, greater confidence, increased comfort in social situations, improved physical and intellectual performance, and greater motivation to accomplish important tasks. Many people feel that these benefits provide them with a general improvement in quality of life. Sometimes when people who are not in need of these medications for medical reasons hear about these effects, they feel that the effects will greatly benefit them as well, initially intending to take them for a short period of time or just to get through an individual situation.  However, the power and pleasant effects of amphetamines are hard to resist, regardless of the initial intentions of the non-medical user, frequently become an addiction.  At Mount Regis in Salem, Virginia, we understand how these positive effects also make it extremely difficult to decide to give up the drug, and once the decision is made to seek treatment to do so.

Why Should I get Treatment?

Why should I get treatment for amphetamine addiction?

At our addiction rehab center, we know that whether your amphetamine abuse began following use for a medical cause, or you began to improve functioning in essentials area of your life that once addicted the substance can start to take over. You may start to see that parts of your life that were going well are starting to suffer, your friends and family don’t seem as close to you as they once were or your career isn’t progressing along the same upward path it once was. We also know that individuals who have difficulties often experience other problems or disorders. At Mount Regis we focus on more than the symptoms of your substance abuse. We believe in learning about and addressing all areas of your life which may be affected by your substance use. We believe that every person we help comes to us with strengths and resources they can rely upon to help in their recovery.  We strive to help you gain insight into your strengths and to learn how to use them to fight the effects of your addiction. We are concerned with the effects of your substance use on your family, your health, your relationships, your job, and your happiness. our rehab center, our well trained and caring staff will help you restore damaged relationships, the ability to function up to your highest potential at work or school, and work with you to learn how to maintain an overall healthy lifestyle and travel the path of recovery to a happy, satisfying life.

What Does Treatment Look Like?

What does amphetamine treatment look like at Mount Regis Center?

Our addiction rehab program providing an intimate atmosphere and individualized attention for each patient. By limiting the number of people who are in the program at any one time, we are able to ensure you get personalized attention, support and that all your needs are met, not just those that are directly caused by your substance use. Our greatest priority is to get to know each individual who comes to us for help personally so we are able to focus on the essentials the person as a whole. Being a small program also lets us provide a flexible schedule based on who is attending the program so groups may change in order to appropriately target the needs of the individuals who are with us at the time. We believe in providing the most humane methods of detox but are a 12 step abstinence program.

Types of Therapy

Types of therapy used to treat amphetamine use disorders at Mount Regis Center in Salem, VA

We understand that different people with the same problems can experience the effects in very different ways.  We have created a program that provides empirically supported therapeutic approaches superimposed on a 12 –step primary focus in different formats to best match the varying needs of those we treat.  These include:

Acute Detox/ Detox with Medical Monitoring – For those who need these services before joining the daily programming schedule.

Medication Evaluation and Management – While we don’t use medication to substitute for an addictive substance, we may use medication to treat some negative symptoms or help you feel better able to engage in therapy.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – CBT is one of the most effective treatments for substance abuse problems. It is based on the idea that feelings related to substance use and abuse related behaviors are not directly caused by the external environment but by how we evaluate, interpret, view and judge environmental events. CBT focuses on identifying maladaptive thought patterns that contribute to emotions and behaviors related to ongoing abuse and help you learn to replace them with adaptive, accurate thoughts.

Rational Emotive Therapy (REBT) – This therapy is a type of CBT which focuses on balancing tolerance and acceptance with changes in beliefs and subsequent emotions and actions. While other therapeutic avenues at our addiction rehab center will help you address any environmental conditions which may need to be changed, REBT focuses on learning to accept imperfections in the self, others and the world. By accepting this as opposed to reacting against it, environmental changes may be made by the individual further down the road. Individuals are helped to learn increasing tolerance for things that can’t be changed and eliminating behaviors intended to change these unalterable factors at all costs. There is also a focus on changing erroneous beliefs or misperceptions with an accompanying focus on how this relates to changes in emotion and behavior.

Group Therapy – Most of our therapy occurs in process groups.  This permits others with similar problems to provide helpful feedback, support and to help you realize you are not alone in the problems you are experiencing.

Psycho-educational Group Therapy – These groups are aimed as presenting information and answering questions about topics that focus on helping you in your recovery and to avoid relapse following discharge. Topics may include such themes as Stress and Emotional Management, Personal Effectiveness and Conflict Resolution among others.

Family Therapy – Our trained family therapists hold family sessions to help the entire family unit better understand the individual’s disorder, treatment plan and plans for discharge and what will follow.  They also help the family deal with issues related to their loved one’s substance use and provide suggestions for increasing the supportive nature of the home environment prior to the individual’s return.

Individual Therapy – While we don’t hold regular individual therapy sessions, we recognize that men and women do need individual attention and sometimes want to discuss something one on one and not in front of a group. Our addiction counselors are available to hold short individual sessions as needed to help in your recovery process.

Rehab Aftercare

Continuing care, what comes next?

Many people who need amphetamine abuse rehab find that the stress of keeping up with their responsibilities in different areas of their life and whatever additional situations or stressors may occur make it extremely difficult to attempt to decrease their amphetamine use. In fact, many report that trying to maintain a “normal” lifestyle and all that entails leads to them increasing the amount of amphetamines that they use to cope. At Mount Regis we understand how difficult it is to stop using something that seems to help you cope with the difficulties in your life.

Our inpatient treatment and extended stay options provide you with a safe, serene environment away from the hassles of life where you can focus exclusively on your recovery. Once you and your treatment team determine you are ready for a less intensive option, a discharge plan will be created which will include recommendations for the next level of care that seems the best possibility for your continued improvement.

Mount Regis believes strongly in the importance of continuity of care and understands that the increased stress that can be caused by entering a different care system can delay your ability to continue the work you began during your inpatient stay.  As such we have developed a Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) and an Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) so you can continue our recovery in an atmosphere that feels familiar in terms of how it is run and the options it provides.

Our Partial Hospitalization Program (PHP) provides the same level of services as the Inpatient Program, but allows you to sleep at home. If you live too far away to sleep at home or there is another reason it is better for you to work on your recovery away from home but don’t need the structure of the inpatient program, we have several apartments available that you can stay in while you are in the program.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program is for individuals who need more intensive services than standard outpatient therapy, but are ready to resume taking care of your responsibilities at home and work. This program meets three nights a week, typically for five weeks.

We also offer an Aftercare Program which is open to Mount Regis alumni free of charge for three months after they’ve completed a program.  This program is intended to help men and women maintain the gains made and prevent relapse by providing support and help for each individual’s needs.  Depending on the person’s situation this may involve supportive individual or group therapy, help re-adjusting to your former life, processing road blocks to continuing improvement, and help for mood conditions or trauma related symptoms.

At Mount Regis we are dedicated not just to helping you improve while you are enrolled in one of our programs, but are also committed to doing whatever we can to help you maintain what you’ve accomplished. This way you can continue to improve and return to living a life filled with enjoyment, satisfaction, friends and family.

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