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At Mount Regis Center, we offer an intensive, evidence-based approach to Ativan abuse and addiction treatment. We offer a variety of therapeutic interventions that help our clients build a strong foundation for long-term recovery.

Learn More About Ativan Addiction

Learn more about Ativan addiction treatment at Mount Regis Center in Salem, VA

Ativan, the brand name for lorazepam, is a highly potent and intermediate-acting benzodiazepine medication. Often prescribed for short-term treatment of anxiety, insomnia, and acute seizures, this medication is often abused. Benzodiazepine abuse is rapidly becoming a very real problem in the United States and Ativan is one of the three most commonly abused benzodiazepines.

Benzodiazepines such as Ativan are generally prescribed for a short period of time – less than four weeks to reduce the addiction potential of this highly-addictive and habit-forming medication. If taken for longer than four weeks, an individual runs the risks for developing an addiction to Ativan, requiring more and higher doses of the drug to attain the same pleasurable anxiety-reducing effects.

Some individuals abuse Ativan to enhance the effects of another downer, such as alcohol or other benzodiazepines. This combination can cause massive health risks, such as respiratory depression and coma. Others may use Ativan to decrease the unpleasant effects of stimulant drugs such as cocaine or methamphetamines.

Many individuals operate under the erroneous assumption that because drugs are prescribed by a medical doctor, they are safer than street drugs. This long-standing belief could not be further from the truth. Prescription drugs are every bit as dangerous as illegal drugs, especially when combined.

If you’re struggling with overcoming your addiction to Ativan, do not attempt to discontinue the benzo without first consulting a medical doctor. Abrupt cessation of benzodiazepines can cause serious and life-threatening withdrawal symptoms. The trained staff at Mount Regis Center is ready to help you recover from Ativan addiction and detox in a safe and controlled environment.

Why Should I get Treatment?

Why should I get treatment for Ativan addiction?

Ativan addiction is no joking matter and should be treated immediately. If untreated, the consequences of this addiction will begin to make an individual’s life more difficult. In the most severe cases individuals can take so much of the drug that it can end in death. One should never attempt to stop taking benzodiazepines, like Ativan, without medical supervision. In order to overcome an addiction to Ativan you need the professional help of the staff at Mount Regis Center. They are fully trained to help you with any problems you may be experiencing.

Our intimate treatment atmosphere, set in historic Virginia, blocks out the stressors of everyday life allowing you the peace and quiet needed to place all your attention on the healing process. Our main concern is your sense of safety and we work to make you feel completely safe and supported during your stay. We are there for you 100 percent of the time to make the treatment process as comfortable for you as we can.

We understand that deciding to come to treatment is a difficult decision and we are there to support you throughout the entire process. You can live a life free from the clutches of Ativan and we are here to help show you the way. The Mount Regis recovery program will provide you with the necessary tools to be successful in achieving your goal of sobriety. From the moment you walk through our doors we will be there for you.

What Does Treatment Look Like?

What does Ativan addiction treatment look like at Mount Regis Center?

At Mount Regis Recovery Center our entire addiction recovery program focuses upon helping you to achieve your treatment goals. We are a small addiction recovery center that is passionate about helping individuals with addiction problems get better by providing them with the best level of care available. Our beautiful environment located in Salem, Virginia, is the perfect place for you to begin the healing process. Due to the smaller size of our center we are able to get to know each individual on a personal level allowing us to create individualized treatment plans that suit each person’s individual needs. Our holistic approach to treatment incorporates the whole person so that we include all aspects of what makes you who you are.

Our program for Ativan addiction is centered on the 12-step model of recovery and has a high success rate of helping many individuals with addiction problems. We have a variety of techniques that will not only address your addiction problem, but any other mental illnesses you may be experiencing. We are here to get you on the right path to recovery and help you to achieve a sober life full of new opportunities.

Types of Therapy

Types of therapy used to treat Ativan abuse at Mount Regis Center in Salem, VA

Over the years we have learned that the best approach to addiction treatment is a combination of detox, medication management, and therapeutic interventions. When you first get to our recovery center you will be fully assessed in order to determine your physical, medical, and mental needs. Depending on your addiction level you may begin the treatment in detox.

During the detoxification process we will humanely and safely remove all toxic substances from your body. While medication may be used during this process to help control the unpleasant side effects of withdrawal it is important to understand that we are not creating a replacement addiction for the drug you are trying to recover from. We will be sure to teach you strategies to cope with life stressors so you no longer need to depend on a substance. Once you are stabilized you are ready to begin the therapeutic part of treatment.

The most common type of therapy we employ at Mount Regis is group therapy designed to help you connect with other individuals who are going through addiction problems as well. We hold group sessions on a daily basis and cover many topics such as anger management, relapse prevention, and daily life skills. By working together you can gain additional support and learn from individuals around you through their own personal struggles.

Cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) is a common form of therapy used to help you uncover and reevaluate your negative ways of thinking. By identifying these distortions in thinking you will be able to understand how your emotions can affect your behavior. Our hope is that by identifying these negative thought patterns you can change your behavior for the better.

Rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT) is similar to CBT because it also places an emphasis on changing your negative thoughts and beliefs by learning how to balance acceptance and tolerance. This therapeutic approach shows you how to dismiss the past and focus on resolving current circumstances. Additionally, REBT will help teach new strategies that will be helpful in coping with overwhelming emotions.

We know that family is important to you so we strive to include family members in as much of the treatment process as we can. Our family sessions are held three times a week, providing you and your loved ones the opportunity to work through issues that may have come about as a result of your addiction. Time will also be spent to educate your family about your addiction and to help them understand what they can do to help you. We hope that we will be able to reconnect family members that previously have been estranged.

Individual therapy is not used as frequently in our programs, but we understand that there are times when an individual may not feel as comfortable sharing certain topics or emotions in a group setting. Individual sessions are provided on an as-needed basis and will give you one-on-one time with a licensed therapist where you can explore unresolved issues that you may have been ignoring for so long.

We are also proud to offer a variety of experiential programs that will assist you in reaching your therapeutic goals. These programs may include:

  • Art programming
  • Spiritual counseling
  • A.A. and N.A.
  • Nutrition and wellness counseling
  • Yoga
  • Recreational programs

Rehab Aftercare

Continuing care, what comes next?

When your acute inpatient hospital stay is complete you will sit down with your treatment team to establish an aftercare plan that works for your needs. Our goal is to do everything we can to help you once again reclaim a successful life in your community.

Many patients have found our outpatient programs to be an effective next step of their recovery. The day treatment program we offer is still intensive therapy, but it allows you the option to spend your nights at home with your loved ones. If you prefer to stay onsite, you have the option of using one of our apartments. Another option is to join our intensive outpatient program (IOP). If your next step is to discharge home we will provide you with community resources to allow you to continue to work on your addiction.

Finally, we offer an aftercare program that is available to all alumni of our intensive inpatient programs, free of charge for three months. Through this program, you will be involved in both group and individual sessions, learning such techniques as coping strategies and relapse prevention. We want you to continue to stay sober and live a life free from addiction.

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The MOST AMAZING treatment experience I have ever had. Amazing staff and exceptional living conditions. If you are serious about reclaiming your life and want help.. I can't recommend a better treatment center.

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