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At Mount Regis Center, we offer an intensive, evidence based approach to heroin use disorder treatment. We offer a variety of therapeutic interventions that help our clients build a strong foundation for long-term recovery.

Learn More About Heroin Addiction

Learn more about heroin addiction treatment at Mount Regis Center in Salem, VA

More people than ever are being prescribed opiates each year leading to a jump in the numbers of those who are becoming addicted. This is due to predominantly to the pleasurable effects of these drugs. Unfortunately, this is leading to a bigger problem. Many people who become addicted to opiates attempt to increase their dosage when tolerance develops. However, physicians will only prescribe a certain amount and will not prescribe these medications at all if the original cause for taking them has remitted. Thus the person must find another physician and eventually more than one to obtain multiple prescriptions in order to fulfill needs defined by their level of tolerance. However, individuals who “Dr. Shop” soon discover that pharmacy databases are linked and thus the fact that they are attempting to fill several prescriptions from several different physicians is found out and they are cut off. In a panic to obtain the drug, when they are unable to do so they often turn to whatever similar street drug they can identify. The easiest and cheapest to obtain is heroin.

Most individuals who take this route to heroin abuse will tell you that they would never have believed they would turn to the streets to buy any type of drug. They will say that they were once one of those people who found heroin use to be unimaginable and those who used it to have serious psychiatric problems. Some will even say that they once would have called heroin addicts nothing but homeless criminals. They often express shock that they are now among this population and that others who have learned of their abuse are beginning to view them the same way they once viewed others. They will say that others can’t understand why they won’t just get treatment but these people don’t have any idea just how hard even taking that first step is.

Why Should I get Treatment?

Why should I get treatment for heroin addiction?

At Mount Regis, we understand the many routes to heroin addiction. We also understand that this problem is seen across every strata of society and not just in the poor or homeless. Despite it being an illegal substance it does not mean you were born to be a criminal. We know just how desperate someone becomes when suddenly cut off from a legal opiate without any type of detox and the extent they’ll go to avoid the negative consequences of going “cold turkey”. No one wants to suddenly feel unable to function, filled with fear and anxiety, or worry about the ability to keep their job or maintain their responsibilities. We know that the fear of being left with nothing but withdrawal symptoms will drive just about anyone to find a way to avoid them and once hooked on heroin, the same principle applies. No one grows up thinking, “Maybe one day I’ll be able to become a heroin addict.” It’s something that occurs without planning or intention for a variety of reasons. At our addiction rehab center, we will help you explore how you first came to take heroin, but we are more interested in the here and now. What effects the drug has on your life, what positives about the drug make you continue to want to use it despite no longer having the physical cravings for it after detox, and what alternative factors will fill those functions so you can replace the desire for the drug with adaptive components that will let you pursue a life of happiness. We are aware of just how difficult it is to gain the courage to seek rehab when worried about the stigma associated with the drug, fearing what life will be like without the heroin, and feeling hesitant to present for treatment due to uncertainty over what will happen. At our addiction rehab center you will not ever have to worry about being judged or looked down upon for any of these factors and your treatment will always remain confidential.

What Does Treatment Look Like?

What does heroin addiction treatment look like at Mount Regis Center?

At Mount Regis in Salem, Virginia, we will never view you as just a combination of drug addiction symptoms. We recognize that you are a unique individual filled with strengths and abilities who is fighting a substance abuse problem. While we don’t minimize the difficulties related to this battle, we are more focused on getting to know you, learning what you strengths are, and how we can help you discover the best way to use these strengths in the effort to recover from your substance use disorder.

We are a small program which allows us to truly focus on each individual’s needs regarding their specific issues and problems. This means that our programming is flexible such that it represents the needs of the individuals currently with us. So group topics or the various issues worked through in groups varies based on the various disorders represented by the current population.

Types of Therapy

Types of therapy used to treat heroin use disorders at Mount Regis Center in Salem, VA

Medically Monitored Detox – For those who need this service, we make the process as humane as possible.

Rational Emotive Behavioral Therapy – This therapeutic approach focuses on altering irrational beliefs regarding your substance use and it’s benefits as well as balancing acceptance or situations which can’t be altered with increased tolerance for the emotions that can’t be fully regulated.

Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – This therapy works to alter the person’s expectations related to what positive effects the drug has on their lives and replace them with accurate expectations and thought related to the use of the drug. Increasing coping skills for various life stressors is also an important goal.

Family Therapy – Heroin addiction is something that is hard for a family to accept. They are as prone as anyone to adopting the negative stereotype of heroin addicts. Family therapy focuses on explaining how your addiction developed, the purpose it served, your treatment, and plans for discharge while processing issues relate to the substance use in all members. This helps the entire family understand each other and allows them to provide mutual support in the future.

Individual Therapy – While we are primarily a group based program, we understand the need for one on one attention when battling a heroin addiction and provide short individual sessions as necessary.

Group Therapy – We use a small groups approach to rehab. Groups are used to process common issues people have when addicted to substances as well as provide psycho-education in the form of topics based presentations and skills-based approaches.

Experiential Options – We offer several non-traditional approaches to your healing process. These options include:

  • Recreational programming
  • Art programming
  • Spiritual Therapy
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Yoga

Rehab Aftercare

Continuing care, what comes next?

At our addiction rehab center we understand how anxiety provoking discharge can be as you wonder what comes next. You and your treatment team will decide the best option for your continued recovery. At Mount Regis we have two outpatient programs you can transition to which means you will be in a program with the same philosophy and overall structure as the one you are leaving.

Our Day Treatment Program (PHP) has the same treatment intensity as the inpatient program although you sleep at home. Our Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP) is for individuals who feel ready to return to their life and responsibilities. This program meets three times a week for five weeks.

We also provide an Aftercare Program for alumni free of charge for three months after discharge. Depending on the individual’s needs they can attend individual and/or group therapy help individual re-adjust to their regular lives.

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I could never say enough great things about Mount Regis Center! From admissions to nursing to the phenomenal clinical team, this is the place to go if you want to get better and learn how to stay clean! They saved my life and I will be forever grateful.

– Former Patient