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At Mount Regis Center, we offer an intensive, evidence based approach to xanax use disorder treatment. We offer a variety of therapeutic interventions that help our clients build a strong foundation for long-term recovery.

Learn More About Xanax Addiction

Learn more about xanax addiction treatment at Mount Regis Center in Salem, VA

Anybody can become addicted to Xanax, even when taken exactly as prescribed. Xanax works by altering the excitability of neurons in the brain to decrease anxiety and panic. Individuals who respond to Xanax have likely attempted a number of other methods to decrease their anxiety to tolerable levels but were unsuccessful due to the physiological contributions to their nervousness, fear, and panic. The noticeable decrease in symptoms experienced after only a single dose is such a relief that individuals can quickly become addicted due to their unwillingness to return to their previous state of anxiety.

Xanax addiction is a complex problem since the symptoms effect every aspect of an individual’s life.  Combined with the reluctance to re-experience the anxiety which people maintain strong visceral memories of, and the quick acting short term effects of the drug leading to fast developing tolerance results in confused motivation in terms of seeking treatment. Many people who are addicted to Xanax believe chronic use of what seems to them to be a mild acting sedative and not a drug with the potential for abuse, is not a problem. By the time they begin to take note of the negative effects on their life, they are hooked and the fear of potential long- term psychological withdrawal symptoms far outweigh concern about any physical withdrawal symptoms which may occur, further blocking treatment motivation.

Why Should I get Treatment?

Why should I get treatment for xanax?

Despite being an inpatient program, you’ll find no locked doors at Mount Regis. Instead you’ll discover a family like atmosphere in a restored Virginia estate. Mount Regis is the ideal place to begin your recovery from Xanax and other substance abuse disorders. While experiencing an environment that feels like home, you’ll be transported to a world quite different from the one in which your addiction developed. Often a change of place and routine contribute strongly to your ability to change the way you relate to your substance abuse problems. This tranquil setting will help you focus exclusively on getting better without the intrusion of your normal daily responsibilities and the expectations others in your life may hold regarding your substance use and how to handle it.

At Mount Regis we serve as a guide to your recovery pathway, as opposed to instructing you how the recovery process must be done. There are no “musts” at Mount Regis – only support and caring in an experienced and well trained staff dedicated to finding the right approach to meet your individual needs. Many people who’ve come to us for help have said we make them feel comfortable and respected. These are words we prize as we understand how difficult the process through which you are going can be.

Many of our staff know about this process first hand and can fully relate to what you are fighting against as well as just how tough this battle is. This knowledge has served to put many individuals at ease and provide a sense of optimism. While none of these staff would say their hard won success was ever easy, they can serve to demonstrate that it is possible to walk through the fire of substance abuse treatment and emerge with your life back under your control. Having these special staff members function as reminders that recovery is possible with the right help, support, and continued availability can provide hope on days when progress seems hard to measure. All of our staff are here to provide you with the individualized attention you need and the respect you deserve.

What Does Treatment Look Like?

What does xanax treatment look like at Mount Regis Center?

While it may feel as if your life is out of control and you have no ability to act in order to improve it, the decision to come to us for help proves you have the strength of will to make positive decisions and take action to improve your life no matter how scary the prospect may be. We know that facing your personal Achilles heel, that vulnerable spot in your life, can be scary and intimidating. We believe in going beyond therapy to help you discover your unique strengths and abilities and letting you teach us how we can help turn these qualities into weapons to help you fight your addiction. We strive to get to know you personally and learn from you what you need to help you progress towards recovery. We consider each person and a whole being, looking further than the limited picture represented by the details of your addiction alone. You will always be an integral part of the planning process, involved in developing the right treatment program for you and we will seek your feedback regarding your progress. If you feel anything should be changed in order for to you feel confident in the approach taken to your recovery, we will make that happen.

At Mount Regis we will help you develop new skills to defeat your inner voice attempting to justify your addiction, minimizing the problems it has caused, as well as aid you in discovering how best to reconnect with those from whom you may have become estranged. Often those who struggle with a substance abuse problem and have attempted unsuccessfully to beat it on their own lose their self- confidence and their belief in their own ability to effect change in their lives. With that inner voice telling you that you can’t survive without the drug gone, you will experience the freedom to slowly come to accept that you can, in fact, do more than merely survive without the drug but can grow, flourish, and prosper. Overcome your fear that you will be doing most of this arduous and challenging work alone, be assured we will be with you every step of the way.

Types of Therapy

Types of therapy used to treat xanax use disorders at Mount Regis Center in Salem, VA

Given the number of staff members who have gone through what you are going through now, we have the best, first-hand information on what types of therapy worked or didn’t work in their recovery. Over the years, as more staff joined our team with this specialized knowledge we were able to capitalize on their experiences to research which therapeutic options were best supported in term of being effective for treating substance abuse and continuously refine and enhance the therapeutic techniques we use to help you get better in addition to other types of experiential components to let you approach your recovery from a different perspective. Treatment used at Mount Regis include:

Medically Monitored Detox – Intended for those who come to us while still addicted or who are in danger of distressing withdrawal symptoms

Rational Emotive Therapy (REBT) – This approach is based on the assumption that it isn’t external events or triggers that control our emotions and lead to distress, it is the beliefs we hold about the event that leads to our emotional reactions. Our belief systems don’t develop only as a result of substance abuse difficulties. They are long held ways of viewing our world and where our place within lies.  In other words we each get to choose how we will react to negative occurrence in our lives. We can choose to evaluate these occurrences in healthy ways based on reality, or in unhealthy ways that foster negative emotions and self-defeating behavior.  The main goal of REBT is to learn how to react to events based on reality and not our negative irrational beliefs we take for reality so as to develop the ability to respond to all events in our lives based on as accurate an interpretation as possible. In order to do this we must be willing to accept reality even when we don’t like this option and dismiss what we can’t alter while focusing on what we can. This will enable us to better tolerate strong emotions which are part of life with a healthy attitude and appropriate reactions.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) – Similar to REBT, CBT teaches us how to identify the internal monologue each of us have which provides judgments, determinations about perceived causes of events, evaluations, and beliefs about practically everything in our environment. People tend to have characteristic ways of thinking about things, with some leaning more in a negative direction than positive. When our internal monologue is predominantly negative, it will lead to negative emotions and inappropriate reactions. By being able to identify the specific thoughts included in the monologue evaluating them to determine which are erroneous or maladaptive, then challenging them and replacing them with adaptive ways of thinking we can alter our emotions and behavioral responses automatically as they are linked directly to our thoughts.

Group Therapy – We primarily use a small group approach both for processing various treatment and experience related issues as well as to provide information on topic of common interest along with skills building exercises.

Individual Therapy – While our general treatment modality is in the form of groups, we know there are times you will need one on one attention to be able to focus on areas that are highly personal to you.  We provide short individual sessions as necessary to allow you to process these types of issues without interruption and within a private setting.

Family Therapy – Family therapy is viewed as an integral part of your treatment. Often when family members become estranged from each other it is due to members not understanding what other members are going through. Through the process of each member sharing their thoughts and feelings regarding the individual’s substance use and the individual sharing their experiences, struggles, and what they are doing to get help, each person gains a clearer view of how each person has been effected.  This frequently creates a sense of unity as family members come together to support the individual in treatment.

Experiential Options – We offer several non-traditional opportunities to approach your healing process from a different standpoint.  These options include:

  • Recreational programming
  • Art programming
  • Spiritual Therapy
  • Nutritional Counseling
  • Yoga

Rehab Aftercare

Continuing care, what comes next?

We know that one of the most anxiety provoking times during therapy is when you approach discharge.  Many worry well ahead of time as to what they will do after the program, knowing they aren’t far enough along to simply rejoin their former life. At Mount Regis there is no cause for concern as we take discharge planning to be one of the most important phases of your stay. Your treatment team will work with you to determine the best course of action for you to follow and will help you decide on what route you feel is the best match for your current needs. While Mount Regis has two outpatient options designed to ease the transition to a new program by providing choices that are based on the same philosophy and treatment models as the program you are leaving, if neither appears to be an ideal match for what you feel you need, your team will explore alternatives and ensure you have a referral to a specific program prior to leaving us.

Our two outpatient programs are the Day Treatment Program (PHP) which provides the same intensity of services as our inpatient program but you return home to sleep, and our Intensive Outpatient Program, intended for those who are ready to reintegrate back into their regular lives, which meets three nights a week for five weeks.

We also have an Aftercare Program for alumni who can attend free of charge for three months after discharge. This program provides inpatient and group therapy as appropriate to meet the individual’s needs in order to help them maintain their progress and continue on the road to recovery. At Mount Regis we are not just committed to being there for you while you are in one of our programs but will remain available to you whenever you need us. No matter how long it has been since you participated in our programming, we will still be there should you need someone to turn to.

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I could never say enough great things about Mount Regis Center! From admissions to nursing to the phenomenal clinical team, this is the place to go if you want to get better and learn how to stay clean! They saved my life and I will be forever grateful.

– Former Patient