Flakka: New Designer Drug Sweeping Across Country

Core Component of Drug Still Legal, Leading to Easy Manufacture

April 14, 2015. Salem, VA: Recent incidents in Florida, Texas, and Ohio, including a naked gunman yelling from a rooftop and a man who impaled himself on a metal fence, have brought to the forefront the emergence of a new synthetic drug, going by the name “flakka.”

In both instances, the men reported to authorities that they were high on flakka and hallucinating at the time of the incidents. This mind-altering substance is produced from the same strain of lab-made chemical that was used to make bath salts, a drug that was banned by the federal government in 2012. Perhaps most shocking, is that the compound alpha-PVP used in the production of flakka, is still perfectly legal.

According to the US Drug Enforcement Administration, there has been a large increase of reported flakka cases in the last four years, from none in 2010 to 670 last year.  Despite the dangerous effects associated with this drug, its use is on the rise, and will most likely make its way into many other cities in the near future.

Many health care experts are concerned with the rise in the popularity of a drug whose side effects and after-effects are potentially deadly. When used, flakka blocks the reuptake of dopamine, which results in a more prolonged effect, typically referred to as “excited delirium.” When an individual is in this state, it can cause a rapid increase in body temperature, which can in turn trigger kidney damage and failure.

Furthermore, the physiological effects that have been known to occur include severe anxiety, paranoia, and delusions, which can lead to a psychotic state that is characterized by violent behaviors and a lack of awareness of reality. An addiction to flakka, or any other drug, is a serious medical issues and should be addressed immediately.

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